Escape (2021)

Escape is either a state of mind and an action of the body. Especially during lockdown all of us have had this urge to run into the wild…One can physically try to escape to any other place in the hope that the thing we are escaping from is left behind. If the mind does not perceive this objective as being achieved, the physical displacement is rendered irrelevant to the cause. Ultimately, it is the mind that decides.

Escape is a journey of the mind and the fight to escape reality. Unfortunately, we can’t stay in this state forever and so it is inevitable that reality will return to us and will need to be dealt with and addressed. We always look forward to the time that we can escape again however short, the two states of mind are always connected and in balance.

The film was created in collaboration with two composers Stephen Gardner and Bill Campbell under the topic of Escape. The project was funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland Stability and Renewal Fund and commissioned by New Horizons Music CIC.