Möbius strip (2023)


Video still from Carpe diem 2, video that accompanied the performance Möbius strip

Performance: Eleni Kolliopoulou, Stratos Papadoudis

Concept, Sound editing, Video: Eleni Kolliopoulou

Sound: Steve Reich (Drumming)
Allegri (Miserere) Iannnis Xenakis (Psappha)

‘’Möbius strip’’ is a bittersweet embodied poem that wishes to offer a bit of light and hope in this dark historical period that we are going through. The performance focuses on the effects of war upon ‘ordinary people’ who suddenly find themselves amid a crisis that urges them to reconsider their values and discover dormant truths. The audience witnesses the existential and psychosomatic changes of the performers, as they go through different stages/experiences; initially (dis)connecting, fighting, and separating from one another “in wartime” but finally coming close together. After a long process of reciprocal destruction in the name of ideals that prove to be broken and fake, they end up realizing that suffering caused by war is revealing their vulnerabilities and the humanity (fragility) laying underneath their actions.

‘’Möbius strip’’ takes place alongside the experimental film “Carpe-diem 2” which narrates violence as a phenomenon that occurs in society (civil war, military conflict between states, refugees), in nature (power relations between animals), but also in the self (abandonment, regression). Violence is a twisted skein coiled to itself, a blind force that has no ending and no beginning. Its disentanglement must happen with care and persistence. The disentanglement of the skein finally extricates the imprisoned threads of life and frees us from the bonds of derelict short-sighted ideologies.

De(construction) of the flag pic from the mixed media performance Möbius strip


Reeling into the battlefield: pic from the mixed media performance Μöbius strip


Reeling into the battlefield: pic from the mixed media performance Möbius strip

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