Ohne/ Without (2012)

I am laying on the floor and the camera is shooting from above. This permits to perceive the performer’s movements as floating in the surface or even sink under the floor.
I move in interaction with the music (Murcof) now in contra tempo, now together, creating a dialectical relationship among movement and music.
I work with this music piece because it contains many pauses. I focus into the unfolding of a process, inquiring why breaks are included, which is their extent and organic reasoning. My observation of nature has lead me to notice the pattern “action-pause-action” and it is clear that in music pause is synonym of silence, but is it possible to make that exact analogy with dance? Can stillness represent silence?

Pauses are always necessary for the following action and in a way, they determine its character. How can the absence build the presence? Is absence a way of negative presence? Are they really separated or we cannot really divide them in our perception since why do not perceive time in its fragments but in its indivisibility (Bergson, 1994)?