Blind time action/ Ιππόλυση

Blind time action/ Ιππόλυση flyer

Blind time action/ Ιππόλυση is  a durational performance with unknown objects while being blind folded. The performer explores the relationship between her bodily presence with the space and the objects in her proximity while being blindfolded. The objects could be everyday objects and/or raw material that are donated to her by the audience.

Blind time action/ Ιππόλυση is a response to the work of Robert Morris ‘Blind time drawings’ (1990). Morris has been drawing while being blindfolded.  The aim is to explore a. is the obstruction of our vision enabling our presence in a deeper psychophysical sense? b. how is my time perception informed and transformed when I perform blindfolded and how is my audience’s time perception influenced by my temporal experience? c. in what extent our presence is controlled by the gaze of the others? d. what is revealed when I perform while being blindfolded?

Bilind time action/ Ιππόλυση still from live performance at 1927 Artspace, June 2021