Inhabiting time: Story of a popcorn

Inhabiting time: Story of a pop corn was performed at Polytechno, Corfu in December 2023. It was a poetic exploration of the time flow through transformation/ metamorphosis of materials, sounds and light.

Duration: 20 mins approx.

Concept, solo performance, video: Eleni Kolliopoulou

Group performance/ sound-scape: Elektra Gatou, Akis Diamantis, Nassi Hatzimoisiadou, Stratos Papadoudis, Marcella Panteli, Zografenia Peclari, Zaira Delli.

Video Editor/ Technician: Thanassis Epitidios

Sound technician: Nikos Moustakas

Music: Pythoprakta (1955) by Iannis Xenakis The mixed-media performance is funded by H.F.R.I.. It is part of my post doctoral research hosted by Ionian University, AVARTS.