Ping pong (2015)

Site specific performance / Video-performance / Collaboration project
Concept and performance: Eleni Kolliopoulou
Sculpting project: Yiorgos Drosos

A pendulum never stops its movement … There are always regular intervals in the motion of the pendulum; it (the movement) is reloaded from its energy, it embodies transparent pauses, re launches and absorbs / processes the vibrations of its environment …
The space is manifested in contrast to the perpetual motion of the pendulum favouring the construction of a ring system that may have similarities to a magnetic field.
The location of the performance is a central pedestrian square of Athens. The performer moves with softness, regularity and tenderness between the living space that remains limited to a human being within the urban landscape.
The large sculpture “The Runner” created by the contemporary Varotsos emerges in the background.The strong impact of the statue which depicts a ‘man running in high speed merges with the figure moving slowly.
The fragility of the body of the performer acquires and reinforces its expression as it moves into and through the orchestrated aggression and hostility of the traffic flow.
This action gives the space perceived an imaginary tone. Viewers glide slowly in this liquid and dreamy state. This artificial situation opposes itself to the organic and liquid presence of the performer creating a rhythm among the functionality of everyday life of the contemporary city and the need to escape…