Zwischen-Between 1 (2011)

This video is composed of two scenes that run contemporaneously. The first one is shot in Greece and it is sunset by the seaside. The second scene is a performance made by two performers in Turin. So the first scene is a natural phenomenon while the second one is an intended action, I’m trying to create a sensation that is out of time and space joining the two pieces. The sun is a red spot that is moving between the couple and disappears when they reach each other. The sun is not any more sun but something different, just because the context is different. The crowded street of Turin becomes different, since the two images, the sunset and the rhythmical movements of the sea merge aesthetically. The direction of the couple is opposite to the flow of the people walking down the street. This choice is not casual. I’d like to draw the attention of the audience on the story that occurs in an antithetic way with the state of the reality
Once the flow of an urban space comes to be modified (it is now subject of the natural time of the sunset), its character becomes totally new.